And then there were two

So I haven’t posted in a number of years.  Turns out once they are walking, it is even more exhausting to keep up.  I now have a three year old boy and an almost six month old boy.  Baby #1 was still in bed with me co-sleeping on the day I went into labor with #2.  We had set up a new bed and bedroom for him but didn’t manage to transition him out on time.  As a result, he is now co-sleeping in his room with his father (sorry to anyone who was hoping for a magical answer on transitioning baby out of the parental bed.  I don’t have your answers.  Baby #1 did self wean sometime half way through my pregnancy which made getting him out of my room at least a bit easier but he does not want to sleep on his own.  Baby #2 is now co-sleeping in bed with me.  I think this one’s temperament is such that he will not cling to sleeping in my bed forever – and I will miss that.



About disorderlyparenting

Recently married, new mother, busy professional trying to make it work.
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