Attached at the hip: the good, the bad, the ugly


I found the above cartoon on facebook and found it to be so true! I have literally heard the line about how my baby will manipulate me, how I should not tend to his every need and literally by the same people commenting on how baby boy is the happiest baby. I do think temperament plays a role but I see how during my visit to my parents delays to baby’s needs leads to cranky baby.
(1) mom’s childless friend comes to see baby and is uncomfortable that I don’t feed baby with a bottle. So I have to let her coo over cranky baby until Mom politely shoos her out.
(2) very well meaning sister tries to hold crying baby so I can eat. I convince her instead to cut up my food so I can eat while holding baby.
(3) mom goes into near panic over my slightly exposed breasts outside of designated nursing area at zoo. Everyone else has their eyes glued to animals, not a bit of my breast (far more of which was exposed in my earlier low cut shirt days.


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Recently married, new mother, busy professional trying to make it work.
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One Response to Attached at the hip: the good, the bad, the ugly

  1. Oh yes, yes. The old age advice from people who DON’T even have children. Actually, methinks it’s worse when it comes from other parents!

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