Baby Bib organization

So I have been playing with different ideas for ways to organize my baby bibs.  I need a way to keep clean bibs near the baby and another place to put dirty bibs so I don’t have to run upstairs to throw them in the laundry.  I was thinking a two pocket bag might be one solution.  At the moment, I have bibs in a drawer across the room and a little mesh laundry bag (the kind you can get 3 for a dollar at the dollar store) serving as the laundry bag.  Not exactly an elegant solution.  Here are some ideas I have toyed with:

There is of course the easy way out – buy a little laundry bag and purchase this bib holder.

There is this tutorial on how to make a little bag (the tutorial is for a clothes pin bag but with a little different decoration on the front, it seems like it would be a nice bib bag too) which I could hang off the back of the high chair or even make two – one marked dirty and one marked clean.

This no sew solution was proposed by my mid wife (and the current front runner).


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