Shoe organizer to the rescue – and not for shoes!

I have been trying to get my home a bit more organized now that Baby Boy is in day care and I can steal an hour or two here and there to get things back into their place. In the wee hours of the night while Baby Boy slept, I have searched on line for organizers I could buy to make my life a bit more organized. All of them have been pretty expensive. Two spaces I wanted to reorganize were my gift closet and my kitchen. The gift closet because its always been a big mess and the kitchen because I needed to make room for baby bottles and baby dishes and baby food. I will do a separate entry on how I organized the kitchen but I wanted to highlight my use of the shoe organizer in both areas to help make space for a fraction of the cost of the organizers actually marketed for such things.

The Gift Closet

I hung a shoe organizer on the door of the gift closet and used each pocket for different small items – tape (for gift wrap and for shipping in case I am mailing a gift), scissors, ribbons, bows, decorative flowers for gifts, small jewelry boxes, basket filling, and a glue gun. Now whenever I need these items, they are easily on hand – not just for gift wrapping but anytime I need these items upstairs.

The Kitchen

I hung a shoe organizer on the door to my basement (which opens into my kitchen). On that door, I put all the items that normally cluttered valuable drawer space in my kitchen: scissors, tape, aspirin, bandaids, sambucol (if you don’t know of this wonder drug, you are missing out!), a screw driver, plastic utensils, extra light bulbs, batteries, bag clips for closing snack bags, and other useful items.

I found another blog with useful uses for over the door hanging organizers:

21 uses for over the door organizers


The one above is the shoe organizer for my kitchen.  The one below is for my gift closet.



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