Sleep walking after midnight: up all night III

So this is the third night in a row that baby boy has woken up for a 2-4 am “party” shift. I had been sparing hubby from walking the floors up until now but facing a third night in a row (plus a tinge of jealousy that he had been out playing poker with the boys while I was home bound) led me to rouse the sleeping bear. After the swing failed, I took over again and fed him some rice cereal and sweet potatoes (yes, I was praying for a sugar crash). I noted that the party hour seems to have started with the introduction of sweet potatoes but hubby insists this is coincidence. Finally at about 4:15 the sleepy signs appeared and I knew we were in the home stretch. Am now in need of a few words of wisdom on getting sleep schedules back on track (we went from 9pm to 8 am to 7 am – 7 pm to 5:30 pm – 2am and then 4am – 7 am). There have always been frequent wake ups in there but still, it used to be a quick nurse and back to sleep. Sigh. Ok, did I mention it’s 4:30 am and I need sleep before work tomorrow?


About disorderlyparenting

Recently married, new mother, busy professional trying to make it work.
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