Organization for newly married new parents

The first few weeks of the new baby were a trying time (more on that in another post) and my home got out of control.  Mostly it got out of control because (1) I was put on bedrest before the baby came and I did not get a chance to finish setting up for baby.  This meant my family and his family descended on our house to put everything in place.  This was extremely sweet  but it also meant that we couldn’t find anything and we didn’t always know who to ask where something was located since so many hands had been involved.  We bought a lot of things in those first weeks we knew we already had but couldn’t locate. (2) In what might be considered rather old fashioned, my husband and I did not move in together until we got married.  Since I got pregnant a mere three months later and then went on bedrest, we never fully integrated our two lives and households. My husband was attempting to move his household of nearly 40 years into my fully furnished house, not an easy task. (3) My husband and I could barely keep up with our own needs and that of the baby so any other housekeeping went by the wayside.  We ate a lot of take out, gratefully gobbled up anything anyone else brought over, and did the baby’s laundry.  That was about it.

I now read these blogs written by moms who prepared ahead of time and cooked all these meals and put them in the freezer, got the baby room all set up before baby arrived (I had friends putting up the decor while I was in the hospital), and were ready for baby.  Not us – we figured it out on the fly.  This doesn’t sound like us since we are not young kids.  When the baby was born we were both in our mid to late 30s.   I am a professional with advanced degrees who organizes large scale events as part of her job and my husband runs his own company.    Nevertheless, the baby threw us into a disorganized tizzy.  Nothing we had ever done or read before prepared us for the little creature who was to enter our life.

I am only now starting to get a grasp on my home organization (now that he is in daycare and I have a few hours here and there).  I started with integrating much of our common household stuff before turning to my nemesis –  my kitchen (pictures and ideas to follow) which had long been an unorganized mess.


About disorderlyparenting

Recently married, new mother, busy professional trying to make it work.
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