I hestitated starting a blog on the basis that I am already so incredibly busy with being a professional, a mom (to my five month old son and my cat) and finding time for my husband.  We shall have to see how long I manage to keep it up.  I was moved to start this blog because I have been relying on the blogosphere for a variety of ideas and recipes and wanted to let people know what worked for me, what I developed myself and to have a place to talk about these issues.

My recent obsessions have included: pinterest, make ahead recipes – particularly cook one day, eat for a month plans, organizing my kitchen and other areas of my house, ways to deal with my baby’s cosleeping so that my husband can return to the marital bed and without traumatizing the baby, and trying to do my job which I once spent 60-80 hours a week doing and am now limited to doing within the hours made available to me by daycare.



About disorderlyparenting

Recently married, new mother, busy professional trying to make it work.
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